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  • A donation MUST be accompanied by a donation form. Without a form, the donation will be distributed to the NTHU-NA Foundation Operation Fund.

For NTHU alumni:

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Donor’s email address is required for foundation to send you an electronic copy of the receipt, expected 30~45 days of process time after receiving your donation check.


Fund Distribution Preferences

A financial institution (such as PayPal or bank wiring) that transmits your donation to the Foundation may charge extra fees. Donation by Zelle and check may avoid 3rd-party charges. For other types of transmission, please contact your financial institution directly.

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  • NTHU-NA Foundation is an IRS registered 501c3 non-profit organization (click on this URL, enter EIN# 83-0689060, and then "Search" to find the official record)


I acknowledge that my donation is irrevocable, and upon acceptance, becomes the property of NTHU-NA Foundation. I
understand that my preference(s) regarding NTHU-NA Foundation use of my donation is a non-binding recommendation and
that the organization’s Board of Directors makes all grant decisions in its sole discretion. I recognize that NTHU-NA Foundation
reserves the right to investigate donations income sources and decline donations. I also acknowledge that a portion of the
amount donated may be retained by the Foundation to cover administrative fees and out-of-pocket expenses. 

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