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For NTHU Alumni (清華系級)
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Choose Your Prefereces:

If multiple distribution preferences are selected, the donation will be evenly split among them unless an instruction is specified in the Other Information field.

Corporate Gift Matching (optional)

Check the following box if the donation will come with corporate gift matching. The same distribution preferences will be applied by default. For more information, please click here.

Payment Type (select one)
Select a payment type

Zelle is free and fast (with a daily limit about $2000-$5000 imposed by your bank). Bank Wire Transfer has a higher limit but it is more complex and may charge a fee. PayPal charges a processing fee (~2%). Payment instructions will be displayed and emailed to you after clicking the Submit button.

Certification (sign & accept terms/conditions)

I acknowledge that my donation is irrevocable and, upon acceptance, becomes the property of NTHU-NA Foundation. I understand that my preference(s) regarding NTHU-NA Foundation use of my donation is a non-binding recommendation and that the Foundation’s Board of Directors makes all grant decisions in its sole discretion. I recognize that NTHU-NA Foundation reserves the right to investigate donation income sources and decline donations. I also acknowledge that a portion of the amount donated may be retained by the Foundation to cover administrative fees and out-of-pocket expenses.

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