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焦點校友 孔祥重學長 訪談 9/26 (附訪談影片)

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

傑出校友 孔祥重院士 (數學系68級)

Be a Thinker and Stay Intellectual

由北美基金會主辦的焦點校友訪談活動,美國哈佛大學教授孔祥重院士將探討深度思考的重要性,並分享其相關經驗,若時間允許,他將分享對於台灣人工智慧發展的看法。當天會以視訊訪談方式進行, 您可以由線上報名參加此活動,因Zoom上線人數有限,請儘早報名。

In this spotlight interview event, Dr. HT Kung will discuss the importance of deep thinking, and share his experience of being a thinker and staying intellectual. If time permits, he will also share his thoughts and observations on the development of AI in Taiwan. You can sign up here to participate in this event via Zoom meeting. Due to space limitation in Zoom meeting, please sign up at your earliest convenience.

HT Kung is the William H. Gates Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Harvard University. He joined Harvard in 1992 from Carnegie Mellon University where he was a Professor of Computer Science for 18 years.

HT has pursued a variety of research interests in his career, ranging from algorithms and complexity, parallel computing, computer networks, UAV networking, to signal processing and machine learning applications. His current research interests include parallel and distributed deep learning, embedded deep learning, computer architecture, network security, blockchain, IoT and applications of these technologies in manufacturing and health care areas.

In recent years he has taught a number of courses in deep learning and computer networks at Harvard. HT’s academic honors include Member of Academia Sinica (Taiwan), Member of National Academy of Engineering (US), Guggenheim Fellowship, and the ACM SIGOPS 2015 Hall of Fame Award (with John T. Robinson). In 2020 HT was elected a laureate at ITRI (Taiwan). As a volunteer, he currently serves as the President of Taiwan AI Academy, a non-profit school with campuses in three cities, which in the past two years has nurtured about 6,500 AI talents for the industry in Taiwan.

He received his B.S. degree in Mathematics from National Tsing Hua University (Hsinchu) in 1968. He also received an M.A. in Applied Mathematics, and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from The University of New Mexico and Carnegie Mellon University, respectively.


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The email you provided will allow us to send you the details of the zoom link and dial in information after 9/20. Please check both your email inbox and junk/spam folder for the notification.


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